I publish widely across the fields of nursing, public health, psychosocial oncology, and human geography and have written 55 publications during my career, including 40 peer-reviewed papers, 2 invited book chapters, 6 professional journal articles, 2 editorials, 1 newspaper article, and 4 research reports.  My publications are all listed below with links to abstracts and full texts, where available.  Open access publications are marked * Open Access *.  If you are unable to obtain any of these please do contact me and I’ll happily send you a copy.

Peer-reviewed journal articles


1. Ireland AV, Finnegan-John J, Hubbard G, Scanlon K, Kyle RG (2018) Walking groups for women with cancer: mobilising therapeutic assemblages of walk, talk and place Social Science & Medicine.


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Book chapters

41. Kyle RG (2014) Inside-out: connecting indoor and outdoor spaces of informal education through the extra-ordinary geographies of The Boys’ Brigade camp In: Mills S, Kraftl P (eds.) Informal Education, Childhood and Youth: Geographies, Histories, Practices Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke.

42. Kyle RG (2009) Familiar Rooms in Foreign Fields: placing the ‘BB Atmosphere’ in The Boys’ Brigade’s Recreation Hut, Rouen, France, 1915-1919 In: Gilchrist R, Jeffs T, Spence J, Walker J (eds.) Essays in the History of Youth and Community Work: Discovering the Past Russell House, Lyme Regis pp.176-191.

Professional journal articles

43. Atherton IM, Kyle RG (2015) Stepping outside your comfort zone Nursing Standard, 29(21): 24-25.

44. Atherton IM, Kyle RG (2015) By reaching out we can change worlds Nursing Standard, 29(19): 22-23.

45. Atherton IM, Kyle RG (2014) How empathy skills can change nursing Nursing Standard, 29(11): 24-25.

46. Atherton IM, Kyle RG (2014) Habitat and health: why place matters Nursing Standard, 29(3): 24-25.

47. Atherton IM, Kyle RG (2014) Learn to see patients in their own world Nursing Standard, 28(50): 22-24. * Open Access *

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49. Wells M, Amir Z, Cox T, Eva G, Greenfield D, Hubbard G, Kyle RG, McLennan S, Munir F, Scott S, Sharp L, Taskila T, Wiseman T (the CanWork Research Group) (2014) Time to act: the challenges of working during and after cancer, initiatives in research and practice European Journal of Oncology Nursing, 18(1): 1-2.

50. Kyle RG (2010) Living and working longer with cancer British Journal of Community Nursing, 15(12): 577.

Newspaper articles

51. Kyle RG (2015) Time to put nurses in the spotlight The Scotsman, 27 August 2015.

Research Reports

52. Venning C, Walker A, Scanlon K, Kyle RG, Hubbard G (2014) Supportive care needs of women living with breast cancer in rural Scotland: implications for services Breast Cancer Care, London.

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